Thank you for taking time out of your life and for giving  
life to me...
J. Davis, Age 16



The Project Gentlemen Experience is comprised of an 8-hour day filled with guest speakers, interactive workshops, higher-education vendors, food and culminates with students being able to shop for their graduation outfit in our official department store. Each student has the opportunity to leave with at least 1 suit, dress shirt, necktie and pair of shoes all based upon available inventory. We also offer on-site grooming, barbering and manicuring services to more than 50 young men who are present.
Project Gentlemen is the philanthropic arm of I Am A Gentleman.  It is our goal to turn young men into gentlemen one person at a time. We accomplish this through education & training.

Project Gentlemen helps young men to take pride in their physical appearance and dress the way they want to be addressed.

Each year, through the support of private donors and retail partners, we will clothe 1,000 young men who are graduating high school. We collect new and gently used suits, sport coats, dress shirts, neckties, bowties and gently worn shoes to fulfill this effort.

Everyone has something that they can give back. By partnering with us, you will allow us to give to graduating high school seniors and to men re-entering the workforce in minority communities in the Chicagoland area.

Thank you for the life-changing advice that I shall keep with me forever. Though I didn’t really have a proper father figure, this has opened my eyes to become the man that I didn’t have.
- Joshua, Age 17
I am glad that I had a chance to be a part of the I Am A Gentleman foundation. Through our session we were given important advice as young men trying to make, do and become better in life.
- R. Hill, Age 16
Thank you so much for the I Am A Gentleman experience. I left inspired and will forever remember what I learned in how to become a man.
- C. Cielo – Age 15